About ReEnergize Pittsburgh

The Coalition collaborates with diverse stakeholders and coordinates services to increase energy literacy among residents, empowering them to make informed energy decisions, which in turn supports a cleaner, healthier environment.

As an organization with over 35 years of on-the-ground residential energy efficiency and home performance expertise, Conservation Consultants, Inc. is poised to continue to grow the ReEnergize Pgh initiative.

Solving the Regional Home Energy Efficiency Challenge – A RoadMap for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Region

The paper titled “Solving the Regional Home Energy Efficiency Challenge” discusses the significant opportunity that currently exists to improve the state of housing stock in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Coalition has identified challenges, solutions, and a plan of action to address this opportunity, each of which will be described in more detail in the body of this white paper.

Download the Whitepaper

Save Money

The less energy you use, the lower your monthly utility bill. That means more money in your pocket and in the local economy!

Clean Air

Reducing energy consumption reduces our dependence on burning fossil fuels that pollute our air.  Energy efficiency also means healthier indoor air!

Healthy Homes

Home energy upgrades can have positive health impacts that go beyond just comfort.  Think: improved indoor air quality and reducing asthma rates.

Happy Communities

Educational resources are available to youth and communities that help conserve and reduce energy use.

"The ReEnergize Pgh Coalition works together to help people in our communities have safer, healthier, more energy efficient homes, and to understand how to improve their homes’ overall performance"

− Jeaneen Zappa -- Executive Director, CCI